In The Valley Below at The Crescent Ballroom


In The Valley Below at The Crescent Ballroom

by Gabriella Bachara


In The Valley Below stopped by The Crescent Ballroom during their first headlining tour on Tuesday, November 10.

The trio consists of Jeffery Mendel on vocals and guitar, Angela Mattson on vocals and keyboard, and Joshua Clair on drums. The band and their stage appearance was very appealing in the sense that they all dressed in white shirts, black bottoms with black suspenders.

The opening act was a duo out of Boston, Massachusetts that go by Handsome Ghost. They had a satisfying sound but it’s not something that hasn’t been heard before. Handsome Ghost played songs off their new EP Steps and a halfway decent cover of “Talking Body” by Tove Lo.

In The Valley Below’s line up seemed to please the audience, but they weren’t really all that great. For the most part, they don’t really change up their sound.

Their best and most popular song is “Peaches.” Out of all their songs, it has more of a symmetrical sound. The lyrics and melody give off a laid back and an overall satisfying mood.

Mendel and Mattson had a very unique and touchy stage presence that makes one wonder what their relationship status is. Mattson seductively caressed Mendel while he ignored her and continued on playing his guitar. At first it seemed to go with their image, but by the end of the show, it just ended up being creepy.

Overall, In The Valley Below was a satisfactory band. They didn’t meet the expectations of a great band, but they didn’t fall below either. They kind of just hang out at that line of being just alright. Seeing them in concert again is out of the question though—they’re too creepy.