Monthly Archive: November, 2015

Winter: An Interview


Winter: An Interview by Jess Swarner image from Winter’s Bandcamp    “…and that’s the story about when I saw Weezer!” Garren Orr Dream-pop quartet Winter invited DJ Jess onto their tricked-out tour bus… Continue reading

Priority Male vs. The Pitchforks


By Monica Sampson Singing competitions: we all know them, we’ve watched them and heck if you’re a 90’s kid like me you grew up loving the staged effects of a singing competition. However,… Continue reading

Artist to Watch: Jet Black Alley Cat


Artist to Watch: Jet Black Alley Cat by Josie Olmos image from band’s Facebook   Fresh out of Memphis, Tennessee, Jet Black Alley Cat (JBAC) has set a determined goal to reinstitute a groovy… Continue reading

Artist to Watch: Tobias Jesso Jr


by Bri Arreguin-Malloy I am someone who is constantly scouring the Internet and going into the deep, dark depths of Spotify on an insatiable search to find new artists to listen to and I… Continue reading

Born Ruffians at The Valley Bar


Born Ruffians at The Valley Bar   by Daniel Zwiebach image from band’s Facebook   Decade old Canadian indie rock band Born Ruffians have grown wise with age, taking their time to develop over… Continue reading

Viva la Coldplay


Viva la Coldplay: Updates, Song Reviews and Harry Potter by Lauren Negrete photo by Taylor Hill/ Film Magic   They used to rule the world seas would rise when they gave the word…… Continue reading

Krayzie Bone: “Chasing the Devil”


Krayzie Bone Chasing the Devil [RBC Records, 2015] by Taylor Freds   I have to admit that I normally don’t like rap music. Needless to say, this album is an exception. When I… Continue reading

Fuck the Facts: An Interview


Fuck the Facts: An Interview by Tom Kushibab Flyer Credit: Plagued Visual Designs   It’s hard to describe what a band like Fuck The Facts means to extreme music. On one hand, their… Continue reading

Artist to Watch: Two Way Crossing


By: Jackie Padilla Jenny and Blake, husband and wife, each went their own way with their careers in music, until they decided their vocals were best suited together; that decision sparked the beginning… Continue reading

Foo Fighters’ Surprise EP “Saint Cecilia”


By Kara Carlson Following a mysterious countdown on the Foo Fighters website, the band has dropped an EP titled Saint Cecilia. The EP dropped on the Foo Fighters website November 23 with free… Continue reading

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