Monthly Archive: December, 2015

Re-Living the Plastic Age: The Buggles 35 Years Later


By Damon Smith  August 1, 1981 at 12:01 AM arguably marked the beginning of a new age of music distribution. At that time the music video for The Buggles’ one and only hit… Continue reading

How to Create the Best Study Playlist


by Kristiana Faddoul When it comes to studying, I am one of those people who all of a sudden develops ADHD and cannot focus on a thing! However, one of the best ways… Continue reading

Punk Songs to Help Get You Through


By David Aguero Stress is a killer, so it’s up to us to defend ourselves. Legends speak of those who have combated stress and won, and those combatants have spoken about myths that… Continue reading

Local Spotlight: Tiger Heist


Local Spotlight: Tiger Heist by Daniel Perle   Jon Renner, more commonly known as Tiger Heist, is an indie rocker who brightens up the Phoenix area with his blend of indie rock, reggae and… Continue reading

Playlist: Songs to Keep You Warm


Playlist: Songs to Keep You Warm by Alexis Molina  

Artist to Watch: Jai Wolf


Artist to Watch: Jai Wolf by Kara Curtin   If you would have asked Sajeeb Saha what his biggest accomplishment was three years ago, it probably would have been learning every single Fall… Continue reading

Playlist: The Drive Back


The Drive Back- Classics to Drive With by Lauren Marshall   Driving is never complete without a playlist to jam to. Whether your driving through Arizona’s deserts or sitting in rush hour traffic,… Continue reading

Oh Honey: Interview


By Melanie Rogoff International Interviews: Oh Honey Version by Euromericaradio on Mixcloud

The Blend of Latin American Rock with Folk Music of its Countries of Origin.


by Rolando Terrazas  The history of Latin American rock can be traced back to the decade of the 1960s, when many bands were doing song covers of North American bands. Some artists made… Continue reading

15 Songs You Must Hear from the Top 15 Alternative Albums of 2015


  by Kia Murphy Something New Hozier – Hozier Irresistible American Beauty/American Psycho – Fall Out Boy Never Ending Circles Every Open Eye – CHVRCHES Friction Smoke + Mirrors – Imagine Dragons The… Continue reading

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