Monthly Archive: March, 2015

Liturgy: “The Art Wok”


Liturgy The Art Wok [Thrill Jockey, 2015] by Emily Joiner   In 2011 Liturgy released Aesthetica, an album that seemed to exist for the sole purpose of pissing off metal purists everywhere. It was… Continue reading

Death Cab for Cutie: “Kintsugi”


Death Cab for Cutie all grown up: A Kintsugi review [Atlantic, 2015] by Amanda Luberto   Death Cab for Cutie has been the go to coming-of-age band for everyone in their 20s for… Continue reading

Artist to Watch: Billy Lewis Jr.


Artist to Watch: Billy Lewis Jr. by Deanna Romani   From singing in cabarets to singing in front of television cameras, singer/songwriter Billy Lewis Jr. is a treat to any audience he attracts.… Continue reading

Weslynn at Hard Rock


Weslynn At Hard Rock Café 3/20 by Meghan McNamara   If you have yet to check out local Phoenix band Weslynn, you’re seriously missing out. The trio performed at hard rock café for… Continue reading

springtime songs I listened to in high school (and still do) – a playlist


By: Aimee Plante Artwork: Alexandra Watts

History repeats – a music show host helps you get over Zayn Malik with some good ol’ music knowledge and history


By: Alexandra Watts Wednesday at 10:14 A.M. Attempting to straighten my hair and my thoughts when I glance down and see the following from my friend Jeanne, an avid Zayn girl:   I… Continue reading

Artist to Watch: Geographer


Artist to Watch: Geographer by Jenny Tapiz   On March 23, 2015 Geographer will be releasing their new album called Ghost Modern. Geographer is an American indie rock band based in San Francisco,… Continue reading

Bleachers and Bastille at Pot of Gold Music Festival


Bleachers and Bastille at Pot of Gold Music Festival by Kaley Kurowski   When people think of music festivals, their minds automatically go to events like Coachella or Lollapalooza, but Luckyman Concerts gave… Continue reading

Never Let This Go, Roam, As It Is, and Set It Off at Pub Rock


Never Let This Go, Roam, As It Is, and Set It Off at Pub Rock 3/17 by Olivia Khiel photos by Deanna Romani   The Glamour Kills Spring Break 2015 tour brought a… Continue reading

Big Data: “2.0”


Big Data 2.0 [Wilcassettes, 2015] by Taylor Gilliam   The rapid integration of technology into modern society has been the subject of extensive study in recent years, but musician/producer Alan Wilkis takes a… Continue reading

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