The Giant is Indeed Young: YTG’s Mind Over Matter Concert at Comerica Theatre


The Giant is Indeed Young: Review of YTG’s Mind Over Matter Concert at Comerica Theatre  by Erin Thomas There was an excited anticipation among adolescents and outlying adults leading up to the revealing… Continue reading

Me + Roo – Playlist of Roo Panes’ Influences


Roo Panes, a British folk artist, is somebody you should go listen to right now. I was introduced to him by Téa Price in a stastics course. He’s a wonderful artist, and we… Continue reading

New Zealand’s Synth-pop Gem Comes to the Valley: The Naked and Famous at U.S. Airways Center


New Zealand’s Synth-pop Gem Comes to the Valley: The Naked and Famous at U.S. Airways Center by Amanda Luberto   Despite the audience’s reaction to their performance, The Naked and Famous was the… Continue reading

The Naked And Famous: “In Rolling Waves”


  The Naked And Famous In Rolling Waves [Somewhat Damaged, 2014] by Amanda Luberto   New Zealand synth-pop alternative band The Naked and Famous released their sophomore album In Rolling Waves in September… Continue reading

Half a Century of Fab: The Impact of The Beatles in America


Half a Century of Fab: The Impact of The Beatles in America By Amanda Luberto I want to thank Marsha Albert for her indirect role in my life. If she hadn’t mailed in a… Continue reading

Sun Kil Moon: “Benji”


  Sun Kil Moon Benji [Caldo Verde, 2014] by Davis Gilton   Sun Kil Moon’s Benji is one of those special albums that grows the more you listen to it. Mark Kozelek, the… Continue reading

Broken Bells: “After The Disco”


  Broken Bells After The Disco [Columbia Records, 2014] by Jeanne Gallagher Broken Bells’ members are no short of indie music heroes. James Mercer of The Shins and Brian Joseph Burton, better known… Continue reading

Bombay Bicycle Club: “So Long, See You Tomorrow”


Bombay Bicycle Club So Long, See You Tomorrow [Island Records, 2014] by Taylor Gilliam Ever since their splash onto the scene in the 1960s best known as the British Invasion, musicians from the… Continue reading

Festival Season 2014


Festival Season 2014 by Taylor Gilliam The past few weeks have been absolute craziness in the music world.  The end of December brings out all the “experts” and analysts all vying to give… Continue reading

A Great Big World: “Is There Anybody Out There?”


A Great Big World Is There Anybody Out There? [Epic Records, 2014] by Fabian Estrada A Great Big World is a new band consisting of Ian Axel and Chad Vaccarino. The guys come… Continue reading

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