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Paramore Bounce Back After “Hard Times”


Paramore Bounce Back After “Hard Times” by Deanna Romani Early Wednesday morning, pop-punk veterans Paramore released the first single off of their most anticipated upcoming album, After Laughter. After Laughter marks the first… Continue reading

When Pop Becomes Purposeful


When Pop Becomes Purposeful by Kat Chapman On February 10, 2017 Katy Perry revived me. OK, maybe that’s a little bit of an overstatement but she did release a single (the first of… Continue reading

Waterparks Are Making a Splash


Waterparks Are Making a Splash by Deanna Romani photos by Deanna Romani We all remember being teenagers going to some of our first concerts, right? Being dropped off by your parents, meeting up… Continue reading

Here’s to 2017: A Playlist Brought to You by Heart N’ Soul


Here’s to 2017: A Playlist Brought to You by Heart N’ Soul by Martine Desulme After an eventful year for us all I’m sure, we over at Heart N’ Soul brought you a playlist… Continue reading

Local Spotlight: Wanderer


Local Spotlight: Wanderer by Deanna Romani Arizona is home to a massive local music scene, spanning over a ton of different styles and genres.  Here’s a new name to add to all of those Spotify playlists:… Continue reading

Heart ‘N Soul Presents Art Heaux: A Playlist


Heart ‘N Soul Presents Art Heaux: A Playlist by Ann-Marie Schlup We at Heart N’ Soul, Blaze Radio’s weekly alternative R&B show, are always on the lookout for the freshest, most unique artists… Continue reading



DNCE: DNCE Republic Records Release Date: November 18, 2016 by Kat Chapman The Jonas Brothers was the first band I properly fangirled over and the third band I ever saw in concert. So… Continue reading

Interview: Raw Fabrics


Interview: Raw Fabrics by Jess Swarner Jack Bruno, also known as Raw Fabrics, stopped by the Blaze Radio studio to chat with DJ Jess about tour and play single “Get Me the Hell… Continue reading

Real Friends at The Marquee Theatre


Real Friends at The Marquee Theatre by Alaina Nevarez photos by Alaina Nevarez A combination of young and older fans joined together for The Wonder Years fall tour last Wednesday. The show featured… Continue reading

As It Is Are More Than Just “Okay”


  As It Is Are More Than Just “Okay” by Deanna Romani photos by Deanna Romani It isn’t too often where I’m completely captivated by a pop punk band. Over the past year and… Continue reading

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