Marian Hill Wrap Phoenix Up

To put it simply, this time of year in the valley is poppin’. Artists from all over the country flock to play Coachella, then try to get a brief tour run in before heading home—including stops in Phoenix. The Van Buren excitedly welcomed Marian Hill after their set at the legendary music festival, and the duo was more than happy to share their new tunes.

Solo artist Michl started the show off, and although his stage setup wasn’t all that complex, his music was far from simple. Weaving complicated rhythms with haunting vocals, the up-and coming artist may not have been the most active, but he captivated the audience.


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While the crowd was on the meager side at the beginning of the night, Phoenix was out in full force by the time Marian Hill took the stage. The last time the duo stopped through the valley, they graced Crescent Ballroom. Over the past year, however, they’ve found much commercial success, and as their fan base grows, so does their pull in cities across the world.


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If you thought two people on stage wouldn’t be enough visually, you’ve clearly never seen Samantha Gongol’s dance moves. Marian Hill’s stage dynamic is actually weirdly similar to Sylvan Esso, who blew my mind at the Van Buren last fall. You could look at Jeremy, and be in awe of his razor sharp focus, or you can watch Samantha and see someone who’s way hotter than you’ll ever be absolutely break it down.


Most overwhelming is the sense of pure, unadulterated cool that radiates from the stage. Seeing two incredibly talented individuals crushing it to such complex music effortlessly is like watching the popular kids lunch table.

Marian Hill’s music is like an epiphany of sorts. You listen to their tracks and wonder, “oh my god, how has no one ever written that song before?” Their sound is so natural that it flows right into your bones, wrapping you in a classic kind of velvet. The basis is so simple—a beautiful voice with strong sax—a tale as old as time. Then you throw it into a computer at the hands of a master, and you get, well, a masterpiece.


The duo also took the opportunity to show Phoenix their new material, and while I don’t want to give too much away, I’m sure the rest of the world will love the new stuff as much as Arizona did. The eagerly anticipated album comes out in just a few weeks, and you can preorder it from their website.

Phoenix is flooded with music right now, in the best possible way. If Marian Hill’s set at Coachella was anything like their performance in Phoenix, everyone got their money’s worth just from that set. We’re super excited about Marian Hill’s new album, and you should be too.