What So Not’s Wednesday Night Rave At The Van Buren

By Ariella Nardizzi
What So Not brought The Van Buren to life with their high-energy EDM music and exciting light show. For it being a Wednesday night, the crowd was electric and ready to rave.
The Beautiful Things World Tour featured What So Not, an electronic music project by Australian record producer Chris Emerson, otherwise known as Emoh Instead. He was also joined on stage by guitarist Trev Lukather of the band Biotin Babies.
The opening acts, Duckwrth and James Earl, got the crowd hyped up early on in the evening with some popular remixed songs and a wide variety of their own original rap music.
The crowd’s energy coursed through the room as the crew began to set up the stage with a statue of a giant horse rearing its legs center stage, while the rest of the stage gave off a magical, enchanted forest vibe.
A slow chant of “We want What So Not” started to circulate as the crowd began to get restless with anticipation. An pulsing electronic beat played in the background, building the tension of the eager audience as the sounds got softer and louder.
What So Not opened with a high-tempo, upbeat song to start off the night, which resulted in the crowd going crazy and set the energy for the rest of the night.
Emerson was placed center stage on a raised platform, surrounded by lights, where he manned the DJ board and drum set. Lukather took a more fluid approach as he maintained the crowd’s energy by jamming out on his guitar, never staying in one place.
With Lukather’s long, flowing hair head banging on the guitar and Emerson’s electric blue hair and composed attitude, the duo appealed to both ravers and rockers alike.
What So Not played crowd favorites such as “High You Are,” “Gemini,” and “Feel It.” Fans who were there for What So Not sang their hearts out to the songs they knew, and those who didn’t caught on quickly to the catchy beats.
The set complemented the music’s trippiness, as the theme seemed to be natural beauty. On two screens next to the DJ set, images of scenery, such as cacti and Arizona mountains, were intertwined with psychedelic and bright patterns.

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Nearing the end of the concert, inflatable animals including a monkey, dolphin, and snake were tossed into the awaiting crowd, where they were continuously thrown throughout to the pulsing beat of the music.
What So Not briefly disappeared at 11 p.m. but quickly returned to the requests of an encore from the crowd.
The concert ended with Emerson and Lukather finishing on a high note and jumping off stage to high five energetic fans in the front.

The crowd soon dispersed, some content, some smiling, and some still ready to rave. With the sounds of EDM-filled music still pulsing in their ears and throughout their bodies, What So Not’s Wednesday night performance was concluded.


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