Top 5 Things to Look Forward to at Innings Festival

By Kelly Fox

Spring break is over, and you’ve been sulking about the lack of margaritas, sleep, and fun in your life for the past few days. Or, if you’re like me, you didn’t even take a break at all, and you desperately need a chance to breathe.


If you haven’t heard, Tempe Beach Park is offering you just what you need to let go for the weekend, as the first-ever Innings Festival hits the valley March 23-25th. This three-day festival packs a punchy lineup, rejecting the temptation to flaunt a roster of EDM and rap artists like many spring festivals are known to do. Instead, you’ll find a chill lineup with lots of indie, alt-pop, and alt-rock as we kick off festival season with a bang. Here are the 5 things we at Blaze Radio are looking forward to the most at Innings Festival!


#1: Dragging our festival gear out of our closets

You may have hit up Crush or even Gem and Jam so far this year, but Innings Festival will be your chance to really show off the looks you wistfully shopped for all winter long (Dolls Kill clearance, anyone?). March always brings beautiful weather to Phoenix, and with the relatively shorter days of Innings, your makeup will still look fly long after the headliners finish for the night.


[Photo from Gem and Jam Festival by Kelly Fox]

#2: Over 35 performances, including some killer headliners

Bishop Briggs? Young the Giant? Cold War Kids? Local Natives? Sign me UP. This lineup boasts old favorites, new discoveries, and a huge variety of sounds and styles. I’m telling y’all now that I’m going to lose my MIND on Friday, but all three days have can’t-miss artists who will blow your mind.


[Bishop Briggs in Columbus, OH by Kelly Fox]

#3: Soaking up the sun—finally

Didn’t it seem like ASU territory was never going to get warm again this past winter? Fear not—as of now, predictions place the temperature between 60 and 80, which is just about perfect for a festival. Watch out for any surprises before you ditch your rain coats at home, but we may be looking at a gorgeous weekend!


#4: Some inevitable delicious “food fights”

Innings Festival is putting a spin on a normal rider—they’re pairing musicians and even baseball players up against chefs to compete in what they describe as “culinary challenges.” Saturday will also feature a food-and-drink relay race. Both events have aspects of audience participation, so come hungry!


#5: Saying we went to the first-ever Innings Festival

With a lineup as stellar as this year’s, Innings Festival may be onto something here. The first run of anything—especially a giant music festival—is a learning experience for everyone involved, so even though this year will definitely knock it out of the park (not sorry), I’m sure next year will slay. It will be fascinating to see how Innings Festival evolves, and we’ll be able to be the real hipsters at the first run.


[Crowd at Northern Invasion by Kelly Fox]

If your post-break blues just won’t let up, you want to spend some time under the sun with your best friends and some mega-talented musicians, or you just need an opportunity to flaunt your best festival gear, Innings Festival may just be the spot for you. COTMA will be covering all three days, so if you miss it or you just want to relive the fun, check back here! Tickets ARE still available, but 3-day GA passes have sold out, so make sure you get ahold of them at this link!