Teenage Wrist Sways The Crowd At The Rebel Lounge

Kamtim Mohager of Teenage Wrist

By Lauren Hernandez

Last Friday I was able to see Teenage Wrist at The Rebel Lounge in Phoenix, Arizona. This was my first time going to The Rebel Lounge and I concluded that it was a great place to see a band. The venue is very small and the sound system is superb. Intimate shows are fantastic as they allow the audience, and artist, to have a greater connection.

Teenage Wrist performed to a very enthusiastic crowd of friends, fans, and even local Arizona band, The Maine. The band was very thankful for their audience and performed many new and old songs. My favorite songs live were “Slide Away” and “Afterglow.” “Slide Away” blew me away live as the vocals and guitar were incredible! “Afterglow” was the first song I heard by the band and it was the most intimate and passionate song the band performed live! Teenage Wrist also performed their new song “Dweeb.” “Dweeb” has received great reception since its release and it sounded amazing live. The band was very energetic and excited to perform their new music live!

Throughout their performance, the band rocked out and moved around the stage. Teenage Wrist was also not afraid to have a little fun with each other during their performance. The band was in sync, energetic, and sounded fantastic throughout their whole performance. Lead singer and bass player, Kamtin Mohager sang effortlessly alongside his band. One notable fact about the band is that each member could sing. Each member helped with supporting vocals, which made the performance even better! I would definitely recommend seeing Teenage Wrist or checking them out as they are a rock and alternative influenced group that is making great music.

Teenage Wrist will be releasing their debut album Chrome Neon Jesus on March 9th, 2018. The band has released a few singles! Teenage Wrist is definitely a band to keep track of as they are a growing underground band. You may know the band The Chain Gang of 1974, as Teenage Wrist is Kamtin Mohager’s side project with Marshall Gallagher of Swing Hero. The Chain Gang of 1974 has toured alongside Foster the People, The Naked and Famous, Sir Sly, and Geographer. The Chain Gang of 1974 is another band that I would recommended listening to if you haven’t already!