How to Diversify Your Christmas Playlist


By Devon Henry

Christmas time is here and everyone loves to listen to Christmas music during the holiday time! The only thing is, hearing Bing Crosby sing White Christmas 5 times in 2 hours can get extremely annoying. This applies to all classics while listening to Christmas music in general. So here are some tips for you ranging from the 1940’s, to acapella, to modern pop that you’ll want to add to your Christmas playlists.



Their latest Christmas song/cover, “Hallelujah,” currently sits only behind Mariah Carry’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” On Billboard’s Holiday 100. This is an acapella group (I know, just hang with me for a second, I’ll convince you), performed at Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve and Rockefeller’s Christmas last year and will get their second Christmas concert show on NBC this year. Their 2nd-holiday album, That’s Christmas to Me, was officially named the 4th best-selling album of 2014 of any genre even with it only being out for 2 months. The album is also the highest-charting holiday album since 1962. If that doesn’t make you want to check out an artist, I don’t know what will.


Christmas in the Sand:

This original tune has become my favorite Christmas song, yet somehow Colbie Caillat’s, “Christmas in the Sand,” isn’t ever played on the radio or web. This will be a song that all your friends will want to know once you play it at your holiday party. If you’re a pop kind of person, you have to give this a listen.


Go Old School:

Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Bing Crosby, Dean Martin, and even the Beach Boys have more Christmas songs than the radio plays. If you’re a fan of crisp vocals and the old school pure voices of Elvis or Sinatra, you’ll love taking a look at some of these guy’s albums.


Straight No Chaser and Other Colabs/Mashups:

Please Google “Straight No Chaser: 12 Days of Christmas.” If you have an interest in comical (yet clean) and skilled Christmas covers, this is a song you’ll absolutely fall in love with. Go take a look around because there are a million versions of “12 Days of Christmas” (Like the 12 Redneck Days of Christmas) and some of your other favorites. Even if you’re not into comical covers, you can even go see Straight No Chaser and Cee-Lo Green’s collaboration of “White Christmas.” Search your favorite artist and see who they’ve collaborated with.


Michael Buble:

I’m always down for a little Michael Buble. Buble is arguably the only modern artist with a silk voice like Sinatra and Crosby, yet has a modern swing and swag to his music. If you don’t like the old stuff due to the quality or the age of the voices, come check out Buble for your classics with a modern ring.


Vanessa Joy:

If you’re more into traditional Christmas music with a piano, a voice, and some side instruments, this is your place. Her album Joy to the World in 2013 hosts 15-holiday tunes with that classical feel.

Pick your favorite genre!:

If you’re a country fan, you probably already use this tip. No matter what your genre is, some of your favorite artists have surely made one (if not multiple) holiday albums!

Other Songs of Note:

Some unique songs for your playlist –

“Winter Dreams” by Kelly Clarkson.

“Cold December Night” by Michael Buble.

“Mister Santa” by Amy Grant.

(While the next songs are choral arrangements, I would encourage you to at least check out “Carol of the Bells”)

Other Songs of Note (For choir/choral fans):

“Gaudete!” arranged by Michael Engelhardt.

“Away in a Manger” arranged by Ola Gjeilo.

“Carol of the Bells” arranged by Kirby Shaw.


So that’s a few songs and artists to hopefully make you stop hating Mariah Carey when we get to this time of year. Have a very Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year!