“Jimikki Kammal” is the Latest Diwali Dance Craze

by Ranjani Venkatakrishnan

The Malayalam song “Jimikki Kammal” has rocketed to fame as everyone’s new Diwali dance number!

Through October, at any and every Diwali party and event, Jimikki Kammal was a must-play, must-dance-to song. You can listen to it here. 

The chorus goes something like this:

“My dad took my mom’s jimikki earrings,

My mom finished off my dad’s Brandy bottle.”


A jimikki earring.


The song is from the movie Velipadinte Pusthakam, filmed in the Indian language Malayalam, which is spoken by people who live in the South Western Indian state of Kerala.



Kerala. Image courtesy of Wikimedia.

“Jimikki Kammal” is sung by Vineeth Sreenivasan and Renjith Unni, and was composed by Shaan Rahman. The music video stars Mohanlal and Anna Reshma Rajan.

Even Jimmy Kimmel likes this song after someone tweeted it to him, although he and the song don’t really have anything in common.

Screen Shot 2017-11-18 at 7.50.24 PM

Screen Shot 2017-11-18 at 7.51.01 PM

So why is this song so popular? The lyrics switch between funny verses like the chorus and wise sayings in Malayalam like, “If a prawn tries to jump high, it reaches your knee first; if it tries again, it falls into the cooking pot.”

In the movie, the song is played during a scene where the students and teachers in a college in Kerala are bonding over the hilarious song and dance number, according to my aunt, Chithra Vaidyanathan, who grew up in Kerala and speaks fluent Malayalam.

However, the real reason the song became so famous, according to one Quora user, is a YouTube video of some girls in the Indian School of Commerce performing to this song during Onam celebrations.

According to Anto Prashanth, “The real reason for this song going viral is one Ms. Sheril from God’s own country.”

(Fun fact: Kerala is often called God’s own country.)

Prashanth claimed that although there was nothing particularly incredible about the choreography or coordination of the dancers (or lack of), the internet was taken by storm by one of the girls in the front row.

It even resulted in memes like this:


“Her dance moves were good and cute, and being a pretty face helps as well,” Prashanth said on Quora. “And pls note the way she has dressed. Extremely neat and perfect. Am sure she would have got enough proposals already and a huge fan following along the way.”

You can read the entire thread here: https://www.quora.com/Why-is-the-%E2%80%9CJimikki-Kammal%E2%80%9D-song-going-viral