Live Review: LANY


By Kylie Lamunyon

Crowds poured into the Van Buren in downtown Phoenix on November 2nd.  Excitement filled the air, everyone was ready for LANY. Last night’s show was a sold-out stop on The LANY Tour: Part 2. LANY is an alternative band with three members, drummer Jake Goss, guitarist, Les Priest and front-man Paul Klein, all from Los Angeles, California.

After an amazing opening act, the crowd’s smiles grew as did their excitement for the main event. The lights dimmed, the music lulled, and the crowd eagerly awaited for the band to make their way onto the stage. A voice echoed through the speakers saying to prepare to have the best eighty minutes of your life. Three silhouettes appeared before the familiar lyrics of their hit “Dumb Love” echoed through the Van Buren.

LANY’s stage presence was beyond believable and their energy was encapsulating. It was easy to tell that the fans were giving back just as much as the band was giving to them.  Another familiar chorus started and suddenly, the room was filled with color. The song was “Flowers On the Floor” and in preparation, the fans had brought flowers into the venue. They tossed them onstage and the band’s reaction was priceless. Paul Klein smiled vibrantly while he scooped up as many of the florals as possible and held them for the duration of the song. It was a magical connection between the audience and the artists.

The show had a soft vibe, with the speakers pumping the mellow pop with R&B influenced melodies throughout the intimate venue. The lead singer’s voice whispered through the room paired with the fans own singing causing a beautiful harmony perfectly showcasing a group of passionate music lovers. There were no theatrics needed, as all that mattered was the strum of each guitar string, the thud of drumstick meeting, drum and the inhale of each breath before the next chorus.

During the song “Made In Hollywood”, from their album titled  Make Out, Klein put his trust in the audience and took a leap straight into the crowd. The fans’ hands raised to eagerly hold up their idol as he had done to them so many times through the words of their lyrics. He sang the entirety of the song while being supported by the adoring fans.

The night concluded with the emotional song “Hurricane”; however, the fans weren’t ready to say goodbye just yet. The crowd roared, chanting, “LANY, LANY” to the empty stage over and over again until the band gave in to their request and returned for two more songs. They finished up the night with the song “ILYSB,” a classic that brought many of the fans to listen to their music and eventually, attend their concert. The audience sang along to every word. When the lights had turned on and the stage crew began clean-up, the satisfied fans left smiling from ear to ear as they prepared for their leave from what was a very memorable night.