Single Review: Lorde’s “Homemade Dynamite Remix”



Lorde showcases her star-studded features on her single, Homemade Dynamite Remix


by Sydney Rich

This song made me cry.

Why did the Homemade Dynamite Remix make me cry?

Maybe it was my allergies, but this brand new release by Lorde and her friends Khalid, SZA, and Post Malone is a true work of modern poetry. Not to mention pure media genius on the part of Lorde; her features are all blowing up on Twitter, popping up regularly on feeds given all of their summer albums’ great success’.  But media won’t be the only thing to thank for this freshly dropped single’s prosperity.

Am I crying because this is a star-studded fall jam? Yes, but I’m also crying over these transitions! Each person is given the opportunity to sing the iconic chorus before the next artist is given a direct flow into their verse with an alternation between male and female counterparts. It’s a roller coaster of bright and warm tones that’s sure to give you the chills.

Lorde chose to keep the same backbeat of the original version and only tweaked the transitions for better flow between artists. Because the song has so many new voices, I believe any additions behind them would have been too distracting. She truly wanted to show off the vocal talent that she handpicked for this re-release.

Another reason why I respect Lorde for this hit is she replaced original lyrics from the chart-topping hit and crafted new lines that gave each artist the perfect opportunity to breathe a new life into the song. It becomes easy to imagine them all at a party, faded to the gods and preaching the cliché saying, “I’m here for a good time, not a long time.” Each has such an important key to a night that gets so crazy that they’re “blowing s*** up”. From Khalid unbuckled in a car far away from home, to SZA getting a guy alone with no regrets, to Post Malone finding someone to lose his mind with, this song lets you reminisce over those nights you can’t necessarily remember but know were good ones.

My prediction is that this will be a chart-topper within the week.  As she says at the tail end of the song, “Now you know it’s really gonna blow,” which I take as a direct message to her fans that she’s just provided a new song to sing and dance to anywhere and everywhere. Her concert in Phoenix for the Melodrama World Tour will take place March 16, 2018, at the Gila River Arena. Thank you, Lorde.