Press Play


Hello! I am the new COTMA editor in chief. It is an honor to have the role handed down to me by the previous editor, Taylor. I am extremely excited to take the culture of COTMA in a new direction.

I expect to have more new content at a faster pace with greater variety than ever before. I am stepping up how often we post, and I am increasing the kinds of content that you will see here. I will even try to change the face of the blog to something new and more easily accessible. These changes will take time, but I believe that if we stick to the essential mission of COTMA and stay professional, then the work will speak for itself.

COTMA is still the official music blog for Blaze Radio. In that vein, I believe that there is so much room to grow. This is a platform for students in Blaze Radio to express their thoughts and opinions on the world of music and music journalism in a longer form than what we can produce on air. We are going to produce high-quality work that allows our writers to experiment with more thoughtful writing and content creation. We want to engage the reader and offer a spectrum of music tastes and opinions.

For that reason, we will be including more thinkpieces this year. These will allow the students to make cognitive leaps about the music they love and freely associate with other aspects of art and culture. These will be more well-researched articles designed to help the students improve their writing and get experience in the field while also allowing them more range.

We will of course still include reviews of all kinds, as well as playlists. We will also include podcasts and photo slideshows, as those are equal modes of expression with which we would like to experiment. These will compose some of the most essential elements of the blog.

The bottom line is that COTMA is still a Coalition of Taste-Making Aficionados. I want to treat those aficionados with respect and give them the freedom they deserve. This platform has so many good writers already dreaming up content that I can’t even imagine.

Here’s to a new beginning!