Heart ‘N Soul Presents Art Heaux: A Playlist

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Heart ‘N Soul Presents Art Heaux: A Playlist

by Ann-Marie Schlup

We at Heart N’ Soul, Blaze Radio’s weekly alternative R&B show, are always on the lookout for the freshest, most unique artists on the scene. We live for artists who fearlessly push the boundaries of their music, making our ears perk up at the sound of a new auditory experience. We like to call them “genre-benders.”

In our favorite episode of the semester, we featured some of the most eclectic, experimental tracks we’ve found and/or loved this year. There’s the familiar names, like alt-R&B pioneer FKA Twigs and art pop princess Grimes, and then there’s emerging talent like Palmistry with his stripped-down synth beats and Bonzai’s industrial, futuristic tunes.

Enjoy this playlist of our episode “Art Heaux” below. If you’d like to check all of our episodes from this semester, visit our MixCloud page here.

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