The “TREMOR” Shakes Up EDM Performance

By Melanie Rogoff (host of Euromerica Radio)


It is fascinating to see what can be achieved musically with technology. Today, I came across a very talented artist named AFISHAL, who developed the “TREMOR”, which is a giant MIDI machine. It appears to be a group of large tubes with an electronic snare drum pad attached to the top. The machine can control lights (which display on the drums and can display behind the drummer) and it can, by hitting the snare drum pads with drumsticks, control sounds in order to perform electronic dance music in a truly revolutionary way.

The set-up, according to a section on AFISHAL’s website, is made up of over 6,000 programmable LED lights, and it functions as a Visual DJ Rig that can match brand color schemes, display logos, and motion graphics. This can be controlled while AFISHAL remixes and performs live, which smashes expectations on the part of EDM DJ’s that simply mix on the decks. Hopefully the Londoner will be able to create more Visual DJ Rigs such as the TREMOR that can sell internationally, changing the DJ game for the better.


To view an explanatory and demonstrative video about the TREMOR, click on the following link:


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