As It Is Are More Than Just “Okay”


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As It Is Are More Than Just “Okay”

by Deanna Romani
photos by Deanna Romani

It isn’t too often where I’m completely captivated by a pop punk band. Over the past year and a half, As It Is have been one of the exceptions.

Sum 41’s Don’t Call It A Sum-Back Tour made its way into Scottsdale on Friday night, bringing out tons of different types of fans who represented the slightly diverse bill.

The first opener of the show, UK-based pop punk five-piece As It Is, ruled the night with their catchy choruses, crowd involvement, and even a little bit of crowd surfing at some points. Not too many people around me knew who the five gentlemen on-stage were, but everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves for the short time that they had. The band snuck fan favorites new and old into their set, making sure they left an impression on the older Sum 41 fans in the back rows of the venue.

Front man Patty Walters didn’t hesitate to jump into the crowd during “Dial Tones,” the last song of their set, which has become a staple for him during their live shows.  As It Is always bring charisma, charm, and passion to every single one of their sets, and they definitely didn’t shy away from any of it this time around.

After their set, I had the opportunity to chat with Walters and guitarist Andy Westhead about their forthcoming record, okay., out early next year.

“When we started writing this record, we banned the phrase ‘Oh, that doesn’t sound like As It Is.’ We were really free and liberated to write anything that we wanted and suggest anything that we wanted,” Walters said, regarding the new music.

“I think we’ve got, like, the poppiest songs that we’ve written, but we’ve also got the heaviest songs on the same record,” Westhead added. “And I certainly think listening to it, it still makes sense.”

Listen to our full interview on Mixcloud here.

Watch the music video for their latest single, “Pretty Little Distance,” below:

okay. is out January 20 on Fearless Records. Pre-order it here.

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