Coming Up: Safe In Sound Festival

By Braeden Mueller

Safe In Sound Festival is coming to the Pressroom in Downtown Phoenix, bringing an extraordinary lineup consisting of Borgore, Terravita, and Laxx. What you should be expecting is the hardest, filthiest, and utmost disgusting bass that will have the head-bangers going berserk.



The man who said “I ruined Dubstep” headlines this edition of Safe In Sound Festival. Bringing his bro-step, filthy, and downright hard-hitting array of songs to the Pressroom, one can expect their neck to be hurting from all the head-banging. With hits like “Forbes,” “Wild Out,” and more recently “100’s” Borgore will have the crowd in an unforeseen mayhem. Undoubtedly, the show will feature girls on the stage and Borgore rapping over his songs.



The rise of drum-step can easily be attributed to Terravita and with the bangers they produce, you can understand why. “No Escape,” “The Fallen,” and “Up In the Club” are the more notable hits but the type of music and set they produce will be bone rattling top to bottom. The filthiest bass in the building will be in this set. The way Terravita combines trap and dubstep will make it hard not to shake your neck during this set. Terravita will prove fact that drum-step is on the rise, and that dubstep is very much alive.



Trap and bass infuser Laxx has one of the more distinctive sounds in the business. Hard hitting sound combined with heavy bass, this set will have all the things a true EDM fan wants. Having songs that are supported by Excision, Brillz, 12th Planet, and more should be a precursor to the madness that is Laxx. “Destruktion,” “LZRS,” and “WTPA” are widely used by any DJ that wants a to inject energy into their set. Laxx will have the crowd jumping and moving all set long, don’t miss out!