The Made To Destroy Tour: Tempe


photo by Alaina Nevarez

The Made To Destroy Tour

by Alaina Nevarez
photos by Alaina Nevarez

One of the most anticipated tours of the fall had finally arrived in Phoenix, Arizona – Tempe to be exact. Pierce The Veil was at the Marquee Theatre with supporting acts Neck Deep and I Prevail.

To start of the night was metalcore band, I Prevail. I Prevail is fronted by Brian Burkheiser (clean vocals) and Airick Vanlerberghe (unclean vocals). The band opened with the song, “The Enemy.” The song starts off with a simple ballad before Vanlerberghe chimes right in with his powerful vocals. The entire crowd was amped for the band. The show was in full swing as soon as Burkheiser stepped in. With the heavy, upbeat sounds mixed with Burkheiser’s soulful voices, they captivated the crowd. When Vanlerberghe asked the crowd who had seen them on their spring tour the crowd cheered. “You came back!” exclaimed Vanlerberghe. The rest of I Prevail’s set was full of energy, and the crowd was feeding off of it.

Before the headliner, pop punk band, Neck Deep took the stage. Over the last two years of seeing Neck Deep in play shows in Phoenix, they’ve played to nothing short of packed venues and large crowds. This time was no different. With their setlist always packed with hits from their latest record, Life’s Not Out To Get You, plus some old fan favorites. What would be different was the absence of front man, Ben Barlow. Earlier in the week, Barlow received news that his father had passed, forcing him to leave the tour immediately. With only a few dates left, the band and crew decided to carry on with the rest of tour, without Barlow. Fil Thorpe, bassist, came out to explain the situation.

Despite the absence of Barlow, it did not stop Neck Deep from putting on one of their best performances I have seen them play. Various vocalists filled in, including their tour manager, guitar tech, Light Year’s Pat Kennedy, Pierce The Veil’s Vic Fuentes, and even Thorpe himself. The band started off their set with “Gold Steps” and “Lime St.” from their latest album. The band switched gears a little with a throwback to their first album, “Wishful Thinking.” Light Years’ Pat Kennedy came out to perform “Losing Teeth.” Everyone in the crowd jumped and sang with everything they had through the rest of the set. Neck Deep gave their all, and so did the crowd in return. With their upbeat and fun songs, they were a perfect segue into the night’s headliner.

Pierce The Veil are performers at their finest. Starting off their set with a scrim and an intro video that would fall to reveal a rocket ship on sitting in the middle of the stage. The structure would open to reveal the band members. As they band members exited the ship, they took their positions on stage. Once in position they started with hit “Dive In.” As the lights went crazy on stage, so did the crowd. The audience pushed its way forward to get more into the mayhem taking place on stage. Vic, Jaime, Mike, and Tony played their instruments with excellence, hitting every not in their fast complex songs, while still being able to perform and give their full attention to the crowd. Through the rest of the night continued to play fan favorites like “The Divine Zero” and “Bulletproof Love.” A special fan was pulled up on stage during the latter. Her name was Aly, and it was her birthday. The crowd cheered for her as her favorite band played and dedicated the song to her.

The night was filled with exciting performances put on by each band and is sure to be one of the best and most entertaining tours of the fall. The Made To Destroy Tour finished up on Sunday in Hollywood, CA.

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