PVRIS at LiveWire

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photo courtesy of Matt Vogel

PVRIS at LiveWire

by Deanna Romani

With the alternative rock genre growing at such a rapid rate, PVRIS are definitely one band you should be talking about.

Fresh off of Fall Out Boy’s Wintour & their UK headlining tour, Massachusetts-based electronica rock three piece PVRIS made their return to Arizona on their first US headlining tour on Thursday night.

When this tour & its support were announced, I was extremely excited, but had no idea what to expect. With indie-rock bands like Beach Weather, CRUISR, and Lydia on tour with an electronic rock trio as different as PVRIS, I was slightly confused, but again, very excited.

The three openers set the perfect mood for the night, getting the crowd really excited for what was to come later in the evening. Beach Weather impressed the thousand or so people with their slick bass riffs and bright-sounding guitar, while CRUISR opted for lots of talking in between songs & stalling whenever they faced a technical difficulty. Lydia’s light show fit perfectly with their set, and each act seamlessly flowed right into the other.

PVRIS hit the stage shortly after 9 PM, to which the crowd screamed and cheered in pure excitement and joy. Opening with “Smoke,” the band swayed back and forth to the guitar and synthesizers in time with the crowd.

Front-woman Lynn Gunn owned up to her title throughout the night, taking breaks here & there to talk to the crowd and crack jokes. Compared to other times I’ve seen PVRIS perform, this was definitely the most comfortable I’ve seen her onstage.

During “Holy,” Gunn had one request: for everyone in the venue to put away their phones & just enjoy the song. She kept looking up at the balcony and scanning the crowd, calling people out if they did have their phone up.

“That wasn’t so bad, was it?” she chirped, gaining laughs from the crowd & her bandmates after the song ended.

High points of their set included the stripped-down versions of “Only Love” and “Ghosts,” where Gunn was accompanied by guitarist/keyboardist Alex Babinski. The second the stripped down songs ended, the set picked right back up & the band launched into “Fire,” one of the most upbeat tracks off of their debut album, White Noise.

Ending the main set with the chilling “Let Them In,” the band exited the stage before an encore of fan favorites “You & I” and “My House.” During the latter, Gunn jumped offstage and ran along the barricade, singing to everyone down in the first couple of rows and jumping along with them.

Although their set was only 12 songs in length, you could really tell that they gave it their all. From the indie-rock openers to the synth-heavy live tracks, it was a night to remember for all PVRIS fans in the Valley.

Listen to the deluxe version of White Noise on Spotify here.

Set list:

  • Smoke
  • Mirrors
  • St. Patrick
  • White Noise
  • Holy
  • Only Love
  • Ghosts
  • Fire
  • Eyelids
  • Let Them In
  • You & I
  • My House