Reunited Good Charlotte Sold Out an Entire Tour


Photo by Jawn Rocha.

Reunited Good Charlotte Sold Out an Entire Tour

by Darcie Hill


It’s official. They’re back so let’s party “like it’s her birthday.”

Good Charlotte has recently finished their first headlining tour with supporting act, Waterparks, since Good Charlotte has gotten back together after a five year hiatus. Every single date on the tour sold out within days of ticket releases. Performing two of their newly released songs, “Makeshift Love” and “40 oz. Dream”, it is safe to say that Good Charlotte is back for good. Their new album, Youth Authority, is set to be released on July 15, 2016.

Kicking off the action was the band Waterparks from Houston, Texas. The boys brought to light their humor and energetic vibes that had the crowd pumped. People were dancing and crowd surfing which is not always apparent for an opening band. From out of nowhere, Waterparks is taking the stage by storm and surpassing so many others in their genre. Keep a close eye on these guys because they may seem small now but they are growing at such a fast pace that fangirls will be pushing through thousands of people to get that one second glimmer of heart melting attention.


Photo by Jawn Rocha.


Following Waterparks was Good Charlotte and these guys still have it; that’s for sure. The band itself may be 20 years old but the second they hit the stage, the crowd was thrown back in time. The band gave the impression that they are still young and ambitious. The energy radiating from the crowd was through the roof and the businesses a mile away could hear every lyric being sung. During the show, Good Charlotte announced another tour in line for the fall. Not only is the world being blessed with the comeback of Good Charlotte, but also is getting 110% from the band from new music and an album release to tour after tour.

We aren’t complaining. Keep the goods coming! Welcome back Good Charlotte and a cheers to the beginning of a whole new adventure for Waterparks.


Photo by Jawn Rocha.