Artist to Watch: The Simple Parade


The Simple Parade is an up and coming duo for fans of Mumford & Sons and Of Monsters and Men. Photo courtesy of Bandcamp.

Artist to Watch: The Simple Parade

by Emily Mudge

Have you joined The Simple Parade? Probably not. But before long, the musical duo comprising Kayla and Justin Hooper will be everywhere with their catchy pop single “Confetti.”

Even with only one song available for download, it is easy to see how The Simple Parade could soon follow in the footsteps of bands such as Mumford and Sons or Of Monsters and Men. Upbeat piano, foot tapping snare, and throaty, soulful vocals are only part of what makes “Confetti” great. But it’s the lyrics, which encourage finding the beauty in everyday life, that elevate the song to a point where you can’t help but sing along to the joyful chorus: “Watch confetti blow skyward./ Enjoy the simple thrills of your parade.”

The band’s self proclaimed goal is to help everybody see the beauty and happiness in everyday life: “It is easy to get caught in the mindset of viewing life as a rigid assembly line or an immovable traffic jam, but the hope is to instead see it as a joyful parade where everyone has their own unique part to play.”

If you can’t wait to hear more of this amazing duo, you can head to their YouTube page where they post a series of songs and music videos all filmed live in one single shot. And as we wait patiently for their next songs to come out, we can always “watch confetti blow skyward” and find the little things in our lives that make each day better.