Melanie Martinez Brought More Pity Than Party at The Marquee

Photo by Tawni Bannister.

Photo by Tawni Bannister.

Melanie Martinez Brought More Pity Than Party at The Marquee

by Kat Chapman 


A couple months ago I wrote a piece about why we should be talking about Melanie Martinez in lieu of a concert review since the songstress fell ill. Fortunately, she rescheduled on a day that worked out for me so I of course attended and have the review for you.

I want to start off by noting that other than parents who accompanied their children to this show, my friend and I were easily some of the oldest in attendance. Not by a long shot, but there were far more tweens than there were young adults. This seemed odd to me because her music is so mature, not only because of the vulgar language but because of the themes she writes about.

The stage was set with a giant crib in the center with a large mobile hanging above it that featured baby dolls and teddy bears with stakes through their heads…welcome to the Cry Baby Tour.

The opening act was a New York based band called Mainland and it sufficed as opener but it wasn’t really anything special. It’s a group of four, moderately attractive young men so I see the appeal to throngs of tween girls.

Melanie’s set list was fairly predictable after the first few songs because it followed the track list of her one and only album, whose name doubles as the name of the tour.

Now onto the actual show. I’m sure Melanie is a great singer live but I could barely hear her because the crowd was so loud and the speakers just weren’t doing anything; I was only like ten rows back, too. I’m all for singing along at concerts but it almost took away from the experience for me because isn’t that why we go to concerts? To see and hear an artist?

Her persona on stage is exactly the opposite of the gravity that her lyrics might suggest: she was bouncing and bounding across the stage during the entire set. This attitude was also a sharp contrast to the music itself. Although a lot of her music has infectious beats, they’re not really beats you dance to. So while she was having a blast up on stage, the crowd, for the most part, just kind of stood there and screamed the words back.

I adore Melanie’s music and I love her approach to pop music, especially lyrically. But as of right now, I am not a fan of her live.