The Kick Ass Spring Concert is this Season’s Most Aptly Named Event



This year’s Kick Ass Spring Concert is happening Thursday, April 14 at Last Exit Live / Photo links to Facebook event page


The Kick Ass Spring Concert is this Season’s Most Aptly Named Event

Thursday, April 14, at Last Exit Live

by Bri Arreguin-Malloy


Arizona State University’s college radio station, Blaze Radio, is known for empowering the local community by highlighting local acts both on-air and by putting on shows.

The station’s Kick Ass Spring Concert is a beloved annual tradition that showcases local talent and restaurants, as well as up-and-coming venues. The concert rolls around just in time to deliver an energetic push students need to close out the spring semester.

“The Kick Ass Spring Concert is kind of a celebration for the station, the staff and obviously the public as well—for me it’s one last divide for the semester to showcase our talents and get the local community together,” said promotions director Brianna Randazzo.

The Kick Ass Spring Concert focuses on empowering local bands by giving them the opportunity to meet and form bonds with each other, but most importantly it helps them get their name out there and gain more recognition within the community, said the Blaze’s music director Amanda Luberto.

The concert will be held at Last Exit Live, a fairly new venue in Phoenix, and Luberto hopes it will get more traction through the Spring Concert and lead vocalist for People Who Could Fly, James, said that the band is excited to play Last Exit Live, saying it was a “cool venue.”

“Not only does it form a pretty good bond between the bands and us, it helps these bands reach a huge audience—ASU, especially the downtown campus. It shows that outside the station there are a lot of good bands and [students] should go to more local concerts, ” said Luberto.

“One of the big in routes in order to be really successful is being able to connect with colleges—universities—around the country and we have been so honored and so gracious to the Blaze, and really, the Cronkite school at ASU for welcoming us with open arms and giving us some really cool opportunities over the last year,” said Nate, vocalist for IAMWE.

The bond that local acts form with the Blaze is deeper than just being played on the college radio station. Some bands participate in on-air interviews to help gain exposure and a lot of the time those interviews are posted on the Blaze’s music blog, COTMA—that also features a variety of written pieces that spotlight local artists. Artists may also get the opportunity to play the Blaze’s events, Kick Ass Spring Concert and the Live & Local Charity Festival, to further integrate themselves in the community.

Connecting with new fans and reconnecting with current fans with their “renewed energy” and “evolved sound” is a top priority for IAMWE. People Who Could Fly is excited for heavy audience participation—hoping the audience will move around and dance with them, as well as “sing along even if they don’t know the words.”

“Hopefully it frees people up, a lot of the time people have junk in their lives and are flooded with their work schedules, so hopefully they can go to the show and have 45 minutes, or an hour, to just be free and be themselves,” said Nate.

This year’s Kick Ass Spring Concert will be held on Thursday, April 14th at Last Exit Live in Phoenix, with food from Short Leash Hot Dogs. There will be live performances from Moose Titans, People Who Could Fly, Flight of Ryan, and IAMWE. The first 100 attendees will get in for free and after that tickets are $5.


For more information, visit the event’s Facebook page.