The Breaking Pattern Independently Releases Debut Album


The Breaking Pattern

There Are Roadmaps In Our Veins

by Nikole Tower


The highly anticipated debut album from local Phoenix band The Breaking Pattern is finally here. On Friday, April 8, There Are Roadmaps In Our Veins was independently released on all major music platforms. The 11-track album produced by Cory Spotts (The Maine, Blessthefall, The Summer Set) took three years to make and it demonstrates how hard working each member of the group is. TARIOV is filled with crashing instrumentals and the vocalist’s sweeping melodies that successfully capture the attention of listeners and doesn’t let go.

The Breaking Pattern is a band originally born from an earlier band called Ezer. In June of last year, Derek Hackman, the band’s frontman, was wrapping up the last few Ezer shows until the songs started to take a different turn which led to the formation of TBP. In the beginning, the rest of the members were a “hodgepodge” of random local musicians. At the heart of it all, Hackman describes the band as himself “and a conglomeration of other musicians I knew from around the area.” The touring lineup consists of drummer Brandon Dillman, who Hackman labeled as “second-in-command.” Guitarist Nick Benzer joined next and bassist Jacob Beaver shortly followed.

TBP describes their music as “when poetry meets melody.” That’s a spot-on summary of their sound, but doesn’t go into a lot of detail. They’re the kind of band that would comfortably fit in among Alternative Press’s Artist to Watch or within a Warped Tour lineup. The lyrics have a piercing, cathartic feel to them, similar to bands like Brand New and La Dispute.

The first single from the album, “The Rapture,” almost didn’t make the cut, according to a post on the band’s Instagram. It has a way of standing out among the other songs. The drums are loud and powerful during the chorus, which meshed well with the pop-ier sounding vocals. The drums are oddly reminiscent of Imagine Dragons, but it wouldn’t be fair to compare the song to something else because it is uniquely its own.

“Act Natural (Keep Your Composure)” has a variety of sounds, from both the instruments and vocals. It’s as if they took two songs and messed around with the details until it became one. The first half is “Act Natural.” It has shouting vocals, high-pitched guitars, a lot of snare. It feels like something that would pop up on an Alternative/Punk station. “Keep Your Composure” is the second half, and the way Hackman sings those three words stands out to me within the album as a whole.

A typical punk theme is brought to surface in “White Stone”: be yourself and don’t pay attention to anyone who tells you otherwise. Despite being one of the most energetically charged songs, the lyrics stray from obscenities. In fact, there’s not a single swear word in the entire album. It’s not like swearing is required for an alternative album, but it’s definitely been considered to be part of the norm. The song catches the listener off guard by starting out slow and acoustic, then it cranks up the volume to full blast during the chorus. The self-focused anthem is the shortest song on the album at a minute and 26 seconds.

The band gets out the last of their heartbroken woes in the last two songs – “Colonies (Of Earth & Ocean)” and “Skyward as We Burn.” The former brings back the slow melodies, similar to “The Rapture.” There’s a jumble of spoken words toward the end, sounding similar to what one would hear at a poetry slam event. “Skyward as We Burn” completes the album with chorus of crashing cymbals and angry chords. It leaves the listener wanting more, and has them immediately reaching for the repeat button.

The album as a whole revolves around the emotions that take over during a breakup, but it’s more than that. It’s about rediscovering yourself and finding what your purpose it is. Any fan of the typical pop-punk genre should find themselves listening to this album, and as someone living in Arizona, you should feel proud that the state has the ability to put out amazing music.