“Freakin’ Me Out” Is The Mowgli’s Anthem for Everyone Finding their Way


“Freakin’ Me Out” cover art via Photo Finish Records released April 8


“Freakin’ Me Out” Is The Mowgli’s Anthem for Everyone Finding their Way

by Taylor Gilliam


If The Mowgli’s were a Disney character, they would be Peter Pan. Their liveliness and optimism showcase a refusal to grow up (in the best way) and this drives their latest single, “Freakin’ Me Out.”

“Freakin’ Me Out” is an anthem for everyone who is finding their way and a celebration for how far they’ve come so far. The line “Hey, are you still awake? / I’m starting to feel like I’m running in place,” is nostalgic for some and reality for others, but late night panicked talks about life are relatable to most. 

Stylistically, the track is more stripped down than what we heard on last year’s Kids in Love, but it keeps the new trend of using everyone’s vocals to command attention: “HEY!” they shout on the hook, which is bound to be a favorite sing-along moment for the crowd when the song is played on stage. They kept the chord progression simple and the melody memorable for an easy, breezy track to kick off the summer.

And as always, The Mowgli’s leave us with some hope. Even though figuring out life can be scary, they assure us, “I feel a little closer the further I go.”


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