Santigold Packs the Power at the Marquee

Santigold Packs the Power at the Marquee

by Vanessa Herb 


Santigold kept the crowd moving all night at her Marquee show last Monday, March 28. What was most fascinating and simultaneously incredible was the fact that her crowd was a majority late 20’s to early 30’s friend groups who knew all of the words to not only her newest tunes, but her late 2000’s throwbacks as well. Santi made a bold statement with her production and overall stage presence. Even her dancers were in on the “strong, powerful woman” vibe, entering the stage with Gatorade and Cheetos and sitting on inflatable chairs. If you thought Santi’s time in the music scene was up, she is proving to every crowd she has played for thus far that she is not done yet; not even close. It is super important that women like Santigold continue to make music and tour the country and/or world because she is definitely a perfect example of a strong, confident woman that can lead by example. Her show was a colorful, energy-filled display, and the crowd could not get enough of her, or of course, themselves!