Phoenix Lights Day 1 recap

By Molly Bowes 

Phoenix Lights festival presented by Relentless Beats was a music festival that filled the weekend with nothing but good vibes. The good vibes were spread evenly throughout the festival Saturday like tomato sauce on a good pizza. Rave culture was in full effect with people who had arms full of Kandi. Basically, if you went to Phoenix Lights, you marinated yourself in P.L.U.R (which stands for Peace Love Unity and Respect) People came from all over Arizona and the Southwest to attend Phoenix Lights. The event started Saturday at 3:00pm with Sam Groove playing at the Mothership Stage along with SNBRN playing at the Invasion Stage in the evening also at the Mother Stage. Eric Prydez also got the crowd extremely hyped for Kaskade. Phoenix Lights ended with Kaskade headlining  and igniting the crowd with so much bass at the Mothership Stage.​