State Champs World Tour: Southwest

By Alaina Nevarez

One of my all time favorite bands started their second U.S. headlining tour in February. Their

first U.S. headliner took place in fall of 2014. Since their last headliner State Champs have gone

on multiple headliners in other parts of the world and released their second full-length studio

album. As the band took this next step, I knew I had to be there for it.


I was able to head out to a couple of shows on the Southwest leg of the tour. The first stop was

in San Diego, California at the Lamppost Warehouse. It is here where State Champs would play

to a sold out crowd with Neck Deep, Knuckle Puck, and Like Pacific. This was no shocker being

that every show prior to this one had been sold out.


Since releasing their second LP, “Around The World And Back,” fans have been anxious to have

the new songs added to the set lists. Before the show I talked with bassist, Ryan Scott Graham.

When I asked Graham about how they incorporated the new songs to the set lists he said the

band really wanted that balance between old and new. To help do that the band ran a couple of

polls online to hear straight from what the fans wanted. One of those polls asking what acoustic

song should the band play with the options being, “Leave You In The Dark,” or, “If I’m Lucky.”

When it finally came to show time I could not have been more pleased with the set list and the

band’s performance. State Champs kicked off the show with, “Eyes Closed,” the opening track

on Around The World And Back which led perfectly into, “Secrets,” the bands first single off of

ATWAB. Other songs from ATWAB included songs like, “Perfect Score,” “All You Are Is History,”

and “All Or Nothing.”


Remembering where they started, State Champs did not forget about their debut album,

“The Finer Things.” Not only did the band play hits like “Elevated,” and, “Hard To Please,” but

fan favorites that included, “Simple Existence,” and, “Easy Enough.”


With each song the crowd sang louder and louder. As the night went on, front man Derek

DiScanio, made sure to the keep the crowd just as excited and hype from the first song to the

last. With a passionate crowd singing along to their favorite songs the band only drew energy

from it, performing with the most enthusiasm. With a perfect set list that mixed the old with

the new, the hits with the old favorites it was no doubt that this was the best show I had ever

seen Evan, Derek, Ryan, Tyler, and Tony play.


When it came time to see the band in Mesa, Arizona I was even more ecstatic that I would be

able to relive the experience. The Mesa show at the Nile Theatre was sold out. In October of

2014, State Champs played this venue during their first headliner. The show was small with only

a couple hundred people in the crowd by the time SC took the stage. Just over a year later to

see them play for a sold out crowd made me feel so proud.


In just a short amount of time State Champs have come so far. This only makes me more

excited to see what the future will look like. They’re going ‘Around The World and Back,’ but

this time taking it over while they’re at it.

You can catch State Champs on the rest of their World Tour with Neck Deep through the month

of March.

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