Grizfolk at Valley Bar

Grizfolk, Knox Hamilton & WLFPCK at Valley Bar


by Deanna Romani

photos by Vanessa Herb & Deanna Romani

Any show at Valley Bar is always super intimate, but Los Angeles-based Grizfolk certainly made it a night to remember.

Fans of all three bands on the bill Thursday evening squished together in the tiny basement of Valley Bar, sipping on water, drinks, and chatting amongst each other.  Not knowing exactly what to expect from any of the bands playing, but I was anxious to see what they all had in store.

Entering the stage around 8 PM was local supergroup, WLFPCK. Composed of members from other local bands like Lydia and Anarbor, the five piece were welcomed onstage by a single, ominous drum beat.  The band launched into “Get To You” off of their debut album, Vol. 1, and the energy was high and apparent throughout the band’s few songs. Newer songs like “Real Thing” and “Hunger” off of their most recent release, Vol. 2, received extremely positive responses from the teenaged crowd.

After a set changeover, Arkansas-based group Knox Hamilton took the stage.  Fans squished together, in both the 21+ section and the under 21+ section, just to get closer to the stage. The Little Rock crooners announced they had an album coming out in “May/June-ish,” to which the audience burst into applause upon hearing.  They got the crowd properly energized with a lot of dancing, jumping, singing, and of course, the song everyone in the room knew, “Work It Out.”

The stage was now set for the night’s headliner, Grizfolk. The two couples next to me buzzed with excitement as they inched closer and closer to the small stage just seconds before they took the stage. The second the five-piece stepped onstage, they were feeding off of the audience, taking moments for the crowd to sing back to them and smiling while doing so.

The connection between the band and their fans stuck throughout the set, and for myself not seeing them live before, it was really cool to see that sort of style and dynamic between a band and their fans.  Most of the setlist were songs taken from the band’s latest album, Waking Up The Giants, but the crowd that night knew every word, no matter how old or new the songs were.

Grizfolk were able to put on a top-notch show, and for a band like this one, they can only go up from here.