Hoodie Allen’s Happy Camper Tour Makes a Valentine’s Day Stop at the Marquee Theatre


Hoodie Allen’s Happy Camper Tour Makes a Valentine’s Day Stop at the Marquee Theatre

by Deanna Romani

photos by Deanna Romani


Valentine’s Day is typically a holiday spent with loved ones, but this year, a few ASU students decided to spend it with New York native, Hoodie Allen.

I’ve made it a tradition of mine to spend Valentine’s Day at a concert over the past couple of years, and this year was no exception. When I saw that Hoodie would be in town this year on that day, I decided “why not?”

The first time I saw Hoodie perform was when he opened for Fall Out Boy this past summer, where he played a 45 minute-long set filled with covers, commercial hits, and “that’s what she said” jokes. Nevertheless, I thought round two would make for a perfect Sunday evening.

The three artists on the bill had their fans turn out in fairly large amounts, selling the whole floor of the venue and a majority of the balcony out. Some had gone alone, some with their boyfriend or girlfriend, and some with huge groups of friends. Regardless of who you were there for that night, everyone respected each other’s music preferences.

The first act of the night was Blackbear, a Los Angeles-based R&B singer/songwriter. Donning a long white jacket, he bounced around the stage, hopping up and down on a box triggered with a yellow light on the inside every time he stepped on it. He took the time to chat with the crowd between songs, getting everyone involved whether they knew his music or not. The laid-back singer was the perfect start to the night, getting everyone involved with his last song of the night, “idfc,” which he urged the crowd to take out their cell phones and turn on their flashlights. The entire venue was illuminated with LED iPhone lights, which made for a pretty sweet sight.


After a stage change, Super Duper Kyle was set to perform. The stage was decked out in cardboard video game-like pieces, including pixelated clouds and those infamous green pipes from the Super Mario Brothers games. The house lights cut and his hype man, Super Duper Brick, bounced around the stage playing with a red lightsaber. Kyle slowly walked out after clutching a blue lightsaber, which led the two to a Star Wars-esque duel. The antics were a lead in to Kyle’s song “The Force,” to which the crowd was extremely pleased and entertained by. The two danced and jumped around onstage, with the entire audience in the palms of their hands.

“This’ll come in handy later, just wait,” Kyle said after a fan tossed a plush Pokeball onto the stage. He set it behind him and a few songs later, a life-sized Pikachu emerged from the wings of the stage, which had everyone confused, dying of laughter, and extremely excited all at once. Admittedly, I felt all three of those things during that point of his set.


Before Kyle exited the stage, the entire crowd was involved in singing his last song, “Really? Yeah!” which was super easy to catch on to. I had never really listened to Kyle prior to seeing him, but he put on a fun show and did not falter at all throughout the 45 minutes he was onstage. He kept the crowd entertained and properly warmed them up for the headliner: Hoodie Allen.

Fans were pressed against the barricade; a group of them had even waited 35 hours just to be in the front row. Moments before the house lights cut, a “Hoodie” chant started, which the entire venue had a part of. The house lights cut and his band entered the stage, and soon enough, the Happy Camper himself.

Hoodie donned a yellow bandana with a smile printed on it, paying homage to his latest album’s cover. The pulled the front of the bandana down and raised the mic to his mouth, flashing a pearly white smile that looked like it belonged in a toothpaste commercial; immediately jumping into “Intro To Anxiety,” the opening track off of Happy Camper. The crowd sang the lyrics louder than he did, and he stopped to let them finish some lines at some points. “Intro To Anxiety” faded into “Remind Me Of,” another Happy Camper track. Hoodie sidestepped and danced his way around the stage, interacting with his band and the fans in all corners of the venue.

“Phoenix… are you having any fun?” was the intro to another new song, “Are U Having Any Fun?” which ended with Hoodie and two members of his backing band dancing Dance Dance Revolution-style as video game-like graphics flashed on the screens behind them. Knowing a lot more songs of his than I thought I did, he led the crowd into the familiar-sounding “Small Town,” which included everyone getting down on the floor and jumping up and down on his cue. The room squealed in unison and smiles were plastered on everyone’s faces, which made me not feel as out of place compared to when I first entered the venue.


High points of the set included Hoodie passing out roses to everyone in the front row (it was Valentine’s Day, after all) which seamlessly led into a cover of the twenty one pilots single “Stressed Out.” Hoodie made his way to a smaller stage in the back of the venue, where he performed his infamous single “Cake Boy,” complete with tossing two full sheet cakes out into the crowd. After returning back to the front of the venue, he launched into “Act My Age” off of his last album, People Keep Talking.

Blackbear and Kyle joined Hoodie onstage during the tracks “Surprise Party” (complete with balloons) and “Champagne & Pools,” two moments that had the crowd going absolutely insane. “All About It” was one of the last songs of Hoodie’s main set, which included him jumping on top of an inflatable raft and crowd surfing. Or at least, attempting to.

“I just felt like I was a little kid in a swimming pool,” he joked after he returned up to the stage after the brief moment in the crowd. “It was like I was stuck in the three foot end, and I couldn’t go anywhere. But I took the sickest Snapchat selfie, so it’s all good.”

The encore consisted of the raw and emotional “King To Me” and then the song everyone had been waiting for, “No Interruption.” Complete with confetti cannons and blue flashing lights, the crowd was once again united over the music, which is exactly what live shows are about.

Hoodie Allen’s live show made me feel like I was in high school all over again, but in a good way. Between waking up the next morning with dry blue and white frosting stuck in my hair or having the taste of fog in my mouth throughout the time he was onstage, it was a night to remember.

To say the least, I left the venue a very happy camper.

View all of Hoodie’s remaining tour dates here and download Happy Camper for free here.


  • Intro To Anxiety
  • Remind Me Of
  • No Faith In Brooklyn
  • Love Yourself (Justin Bieber cover)
  • High Again
  • Movie
  • Eighteen Cool
  • Are U Having Any Fun?
  • Small Town
  • Two Lips / Casanova
  • Stressed Out (twenty one pilots cover)
  • Cake Boy
  • Act My Age
  • Let It All Work Out
  • Surprise Party w/ Blackbear
  • Champagne & Pools w/ Blackbear & Super Duper Kyle
  • All About It
  • So Close To Happiness
  • King To Me
  • No Interruption

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