One Direction Revisits Their “History” in New Video

One direction History Art

One Direction Revisits Their “History” in New Video

by Celeste Gonzalez


As of the third week of December, One Direction has officially gone on their hiatus. However, right before going on their two year break, they announced that “History” would be the last single they would release for the time being. The reason: they wanted to take their break giving the fans what they wanted with the help of the song they wrote especially for the fans.

“History” is the type of song that, once you hear the lyrics and melody, makes you instantly feel attached to it as a fan. Its lyrics display what the entire fandom and band have been through in the past five years, but the question remained, Would there be a video for “History”? Luckily, our questions were answered with one simple video.

The music video for “History” starts off with the all five of the One Direction boys in black and white. Throughout the video, the screen continues to show black and white memories from the past five years of them as a five-some, including the tours, vacations, backstage antics, previous music videos they filmed, and, of course, the friendship they developed over the years. However, we all know this song is off of the new album Made in the AM, which is the first album without Zayn. In the music video, they are singing in color to show the present, while the black and white scenes show the past memories they hold onto with Zayn. The “History” music video can be described as directed toward Zayn from the boys for many reasons. One key example is while the boys are singing about their memories, they show the ones they have created with Zayn, and it goes in order from their X-Factor days all the way up to now when they are only a four-man band.

Overall, whether you are a fan of One Direction or just know the latest issues between the four boys and Zayn, you can say this music video gives the closure everyone deserves. In a way, this was very important for the fans to see, as it allows them to accept the hiatus they are on as well as ables them to accept that Zayn will be going solo for a while—but no matter what, it is not the end for One Direction.