Beyoncé’s “Formation” Challenges America with an Equal Rights Message



Beyoncé Challenges America with an Equal Rights Message

by Imani Stephens


Just as the second week of Black History Month comes to an end, the iconic pop star, Beyoncé, shut the internet down with the surprise release of new single “Formation,” with a video, too.

In this track, Beyoncé conveys the quintessential message of today’s racial concerns. The Black Lives Matter movement has taken many major American cities by storm with protests, activism, and the promotion of equal rights. Throughout the video, viewers see shots of the tragic Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, Louisiana; the importance of church; and, briefly, a representation of the “hands up don’t shoot” message. The powerful message is not only shown in the visuals, but the lyrics of the song also show Beyoncé’s perspective on what media critics continue to gossip about, such as the lyrics describing her child’s hair: “I like my baby hair, with baby hair and afros.”

Beyond her efforts to raise racial awareness, Beyoncé uses her influence and celebrity status to platform equal rights for women. She promotes liberation in the patriarchal society that we, as a nation, have grown accustomed to. As 2016’s hot new single for equality in America hits the top charts of the upcoming week and month, Beyonce continues to “slay” by announcing her World Tour: Formation 2016.

Without any justification for being different in today’s society, Beyoncé proves that we must accept our own individual uniqueness.