App Spotlight: Cymbal


App Spotlight: Cymbal

by Bri Arreguin-Malloy


Cymbal’s slogan is “Music discovery powered by friends, not algorithms,” and users go on to say that it is “Instagram for music”—both are accurate descriptions of what this app accomplishes.

Cymbal allows users to share the song that has been stuck in their head or their favorite song at the moment with friends and other app users by connecting to their Spotify and/or Soundcloud accounts. While scrolling through posts, users can preview songs and save them to their Spotify/Soundcloud accounts through the Cymbal app, making it incredibly user friendly.

Screen-Shot-2015-06-14-at-5.58.50-PM-920x526 via The Boston Globe

When a song is posted, it shows how many others have shared the song as well as if a user is first to post a song—they are awarded with a trophy to show that!

Similar to Instagram, users have a feed that shows in one collective area what they have posted. Users also utilize hashtags to make posts easily searchable, to help discover new music, and to make their music more discoverable. This allows user to gain more followers.


Along with following friends on Cymbal, users can follow a variety of artists, labels, college radio stations, etc. to see what they are listening to and loving. Cymbal recently welcomed rapper Pusha T on to the app as one of their big-name users. Some notable users to follow are Def Jam Records (record label), theneedledrop (YouTube music critic), KVRX (University of Texas at Austin student-run radio station), and more that are bound to spark interest.

Cymbal is currently available to iOS users but has a sign up to be a part of their Android Beta.

Cymbal is also very active on their social media accounts!