10 Songs that Can Change Your Life: an interview with friends


By Morgan Stanley

  1. Whole Lotta Love – Led Zeppelin (Ethan Millman)

“That song is where it all changed for me. My Dad showed it to me when I was little and I almost couldn’t comprehend what I was listening to, but I knew I loved it. Keith Richards said that when he heard Elvis’s Heartbreak Hotel, it was like going from black and white to Technicolor. That’s exactly how I see Whole Lotta Love. The opening riff with that distortion pedal opened the doors to all the music I listen to now. Hearing Jimmy Page play that solo is what made me decide to learn to play guitar. Had I never heard Whole Lotta Love, I have no idea what music I’d be listening to today.”

  1. Thugz Mansion – Tupac (Ethan Gaines)

“This song is one of the deepest rap tracks ever and you can really feel the emotion in Tupac’s voice. The lyrics are powerful and the chorus is super catchy. Any old school rap fan should listen to this song. Go West Coast!”

  1. Stronger – Kanye West (Delia Johnson)

“This song is the reason that I met my best friend. She was rapping it in the hallways in middle school and I recognize it and we instantly bonded. Thanks Kanye!”

  1. IDFC- Blackbear (Logan Sherbuck)

“This song taught me to not care. It worked me through a rough phase in my life where I cared too much about everyone’s opinion.”

  1. 40 Ounces to Freedom – Sublime (Daniel Zwiebach)

“This is one of the first Sublime songs I ever heard and Sublime is the artist that introduced me to the music that I listen to today. So this song has a special place in my heart.”

  1. Badlands – Bruce Springsteen (Greg Harmen)

“This was the song that took me from ‘Man, this guy has some talent’ to ‘WOW, I am a Springsteen fan for life!’ That was 5 years ago, and I still feel the same way. Springsteen is my idol because of this song.”

  1. Bad – U2 (Alec Henden)

“The first time I heard this song I felt that I was part of what Bono was singing about and felt transported by the music to another place.”

  1. Simply the Best – Tina Turner (Golan Bosnino)

Simply The Best changed my life because every time I listen to it whenever I am feeling down it makes me feel unstoppable and cheers me right back up.”

  1. How to Save a Life – The Fray (Misha Tisatskin)

“The song fits any sad moment in my life in one way or another. No matter what you’re going through it can evoke emotion.”

  1. Lonely Boy – Black Keys (Nathan Thrash)

“This song is the song that introduced me to all the music I listen to now. It is very important to me. Before listening to the black keys, I was listening to country music. Country music is the worst. I can’t believe I used to listen to country mu