Artist Spotlight: Grimes


Artist Spotlight: Grimes

by Shania Alba

photo by John Londono


Claire Boucher, better known by her stage name, “Grimes,” is a self-taught singer-songwriter with a talent for making funky tunes that entice a crowd to get up dance like nobody is watching. Her style, if you will, is one that utilizes delayed microphones, frequent shifts of tones, and miles upon miles of layered vocal tracks. These elements combine have made some of her most intricate tracks such as “Symphonia IX” and “Avi”. Her sound is almost ethereal in her vocals, but her beats and melodies burst with uniqueness and show a clear gift.

Although she has not got the attention of other mainstream artists, that has not deterred her from pursuing her musical career. That career, however, has included making a name for herself in other parts of the world such as Sweden and Singapore. There, her jams attract the attention of many young people that truly appreciate her music for the uncategorized greatness that it is.

She just dropped her newest album a month ago, Art Angels and once again she managed to create something unlike anything else you have ever heard. Her album features tracks that focus more on her vocals. Songs such as “Life in a Vivid Dream” and “Flesh Without Blood” are great displays of the ranges she can get her voice to perform. A mix of high versus low pitches creates this new sort of grogginess to her new songs that somehow sound like beautiful things you have never heard before.

Grimes has an extraordinary talent for balancing a symphony of beats and melodies with soft almost soothing vocal layers. If you are looking for something different or “out-of-the-box” I would definitely suggest Grimes to fans of all ranges of genres because I feel that she can appeal to music fans across the board.