Album Going Up on a Friday: “I Love Makonnen 2” Review


By Ethan Gaines 

I Love Makonnen took the music industry by surprise last year with his platinum-selling single

“Tuesday.” His self-titled debut album had similar success with a variety of uniquely produced

and written tracks. His new album “I Love Makonnen 2” tries to capitalize on that same unique

sound, but unfortunately it comes up far short of its predecessor. The album doesn’t have a

clear direction or story as it aimlessly swaps between yearning love songs and braggadocios

raps about selling drugs and living large in Atlanta.


It starts off very strong with “Forever,” and “Trust Me Danny,” but then immediately goes

downhill from there. Makonnen definitely still has the same unique flair that makes him so

refreshing among his peers but he wasn’t able to capture the same magic of his first album.

Below I am going to individually rate every song on the album.


1. Forever- 7/10- A great love song that perfectly expresses the feelings of a hard breakup

with a very catchy chorus. Features by Santigold and 1st make the song even more strong

and it is definitely my favorite from the album.

2. Trust Me Danny- 7/10- Makonnen discusses his drug-dealing roots in this humorous

track. This song has a lot of the clever and funny lyrics we are used to from Makonnen

and the chorus is especially catchy and strong.

3. Second Chance- 5/10- This song was supposed to be the lead single for the album but it

is too similar to “Forever,” and is not nearly as good. It seems like Makonnen was trying

to continue the same song but just was nearly as effective the same time around.

4. Flippin All Night- 4/10- Much like “Second Chance,” this song tries to replicate a

previous song in “Trust Me Danny,” but ends up as a poor imitation. Nobody is going to

be flippin all night to this song.

5. Being Alone With U- 4/10- Makonnen’s vocals sound especially grating on this song and

the 5:26 run time doesn’t help. I kept checking Spotify to see how much longer I had to

listen to the track.

6. Where Your Girl At- 4/10- This song has none of Makonnen’s usual unique style and

sounds like it could be by any other rapper. What sets Makonnen apart is his unique

lyrics, voice, and beats and this song has none of that.

7. I Loved You- 2/10- This is easily the worst track on the album and Makonnen’s voice

sounds absolutely terrible as he wears on your ears for 5:47. Makonnen is usually able

to disguise his weak vocals with strong beats and autotune but that isn’t enough to save

this track.