Winter: An Interview


Winter: An Interview

by Jess Swarner

image from Winter’s Bandcamp 


“…and that’s the story about when I saw Weezer!” Garren Orr

Dream-pop quartet Winter invited DJ Jess onto their tricked-out tour bus for a chat Saturday night before opening for Alison Weiss at the Rebel Lounge.

The LA group released their first full-length album Supreme Blue Dream on Lollipop Records in March, and they have a full album waiting to be recorded as soon as they return from touring.

Half their set has included songs from Supreme while the other half is new songs, including single “All the Things You Do,” which for some reason really reminds me of The Shining—in a good way.

If you want to get lost in some shoegazey heavy-reverb guitars and Samira’s siren-like voice, you can find their music on Bandcamp and Spotify. There are a lot of wannabe Winter bands out there, so make sure to search for the album directly.

The band tells some great stories from their tour so far, including getting help from a mechanic whose name they cannot remember because he definitely did not bend the law for them, and getting free toilet paper from an AutoZone in Florida.

We get interrupted midway, but for a stellar reason—the band was asked for the first time this tour if they wanted a soundcheck. The excited gasps around the 13:30 mark convey their joy.

After the break, they talk about breaking up with a former guitarist and having difficulty deciding on a favorite experience in the band. And, maybe most importantly, we get to hear their opinions on new Weezer music and the recent Blink-182 drama. Spoiler alert: Rivers Cuomo totally gets called out.

We end with a discussion of whether or not the –berto’s across the street is Filiberto’s or Julioberto’s (I was wrong—apparently Julioberto’s is a thing) but before we head off to grab some burritos, Winter gives us one of the most energetic sendoffs I think we’ve ever recorded, airhorn simulations and all.

Winter is Samira Winter (vocals/guitar), Matt Hogan (guitar), Garren Orr (drums), and David Yorr (bass).

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