Krayzie Bone: “Chasing the Devil”


Krayzie Bone

Chasing the Devil

[RBC Records, 2015]

by Taylor Freds


I have to admit that I normally don’t like rap music. Needless to say, this album is an exception. When I decided to do this critique, I was wary of possibly not liking the album at all, but I was shocked when I quickly fell in love with this album after just the first song. I am going to break down each song for you in the album. This is a longer album because it comprises 22 songs, which equals just over an hour of music.

I understand the need for some type of introduction song because most albums tell a story; however, there are some songs that are in the album I am not sure I would call songs. In fact, I am not sure they are needed in the album and could come off as confusing. I will point them out during my breakdown. If you love the album as much as did, then I suggest you look into artists like Eminem and Tech N9ne—their style is very similar.

(My favorite songs on this album are in bold.)

  1. Wicked (Intro) – Great way to start of the album, sets the mood 1:54
  2. Hold On To Ya Soul – Very CATCHY                                                             6:18
  3. Cloudy – This song slows down quite a bit but it is still good 4:12
  4. Weapons of Mass Distraction – This is one of my favorite songs of this album 3:06
  5. The Money, The Power – Very catchy and fast beat 2:53
  6. The Devil’s Deal – Slower but not in my top 5             4:06
  7. Rise of a King (Fall of a Fool) – Goes well with the story of the album 2:11
  8. Wake Up! (Skit) – Don’t really think this is needed, kind of confusing  :31
  9. Chasing Nightmares – One of my favorites, love the beat! 2:54
  10. Like Fire – Killer beat, awesome song 4:55
  11. Loyal – Beginning of the song is little weird but great song 3:47
  12. A Wise Fool – Completely different atmosphere around this song 2:45
  13. Heart 2 Heart (Domestic Skit) – I don’t really think this really needed 2:39
  14. Can’t Walk Away – Very catchy 4:03
  15. The Signs (Peace & Security) – Love this song, it is awesome 2:17
  16. Send Me An Angel – The songs start to slow down starting here 2:59
  17. What If? – Not a big fan of slow songs but this isn’t bad 3:37
  18. Reasons (Skit) – Good song                                                                                     2:09
  19. Brand New Everything – Another slow song 4:13
  20. So Called Friends (Caine Acapella) – I don’t think this is really needed 1:13
  22. Temptation – Good way to end the album 1:55