Fuck the Facts: An Interview

FTF Yucca

Fuck the Facts: An Interview

by Tom Kushibab

Flyer Credit: Plagued Visual Designs


It’s hard to describe what a band like Fuck The Facts means to extreme music. On one hand, their almost two-decade career and dizzying discography indicate a band that’s achieved relative success and approval within its respective corner of the genre. However, the band is slated to headline a show at the Yucca Tap Room on November 29th, a venue that barely tallies eighty people at the door before fire codes are violated. Similarly, the band’s firm roots within grindcore provide a basis for comparison and aesthetic expectations for new fans to comfortably discover, yet the group’s self-coined self-descriptor “bastardized grindcore” illuminates the various influences and playing styles that complicate generic pigeonholing; and for a genre frequently inhabited by elitist mentalities, such deviation from the norm is a death sentence.

Ultimately, the success of a band such as Fuck The Facts – who obviously didn’t have Bieber-like success in mind when they came up with the moniker – rests with the fans, the rabid consumers of the group’s massive catalog, the no-holds-barred headbangers and moshers and stage-divers that attend the gigs. If you enjoy the extreme music underground, I adamantly recommend you catch Fuck The Facts during their upcoming performance at Yucca (local shredders Sorrower and Saintbreaker are also performing – this bill is stacked).

Founding guitarist Topon Das recently called into the Blaze Radio studios to discuss the group’s current U.S. tour and impending Tempe performance, their newest album Desire Will Rot (buy it), and what “bastardized grindcore” actually means.

Note: Entry to the Fuck The Facts show on November 29th is an unwrapped children’s toy. Donations go to kids during the holidays.