Artist to Watch: Tobias Jesso Jr


by Bri Arreguin-Malloy

I am someone who is constantly scouring the Internet and going into the deep, dark depths of Spotify on an insatiable search to find new artists to listen to and I come across at least a hundred new artists in a month—rarely do they ever stick with me. With that being said, the second I heard “How Could You Babe” by Tobias Jesso Jr. a week ago; I was in deep, deep love.

I immediately wondered why I had not heard of him until now since his debut album “Goon” was released in March of this year. So how do I know (yeah, know, not think) that Tobias Jesso Jr. is the best new artist that should be on your radar? Well for starters: he co-wrote Adele’s latest single.

 Oh yeah. That Adele.

Just a couple of days after my love affair with the Canadian musician began, Adele released her newest single “When We Were Young” and guess who she teamed up with to co-write it? Tobias Jesso Jr. So if you are one of the over 21 million people who have viewed her performance of “When We Were Young” on YouTube, you already have a taste of what his music might be like, lyric-wise that is.

Tobias Jesso Jr.,signed with True Panther Sounds, has this singer-songwriter/Randy Newman sort of sound about him and a voice—paired with his lyrics and piano—that conjures up an instant heartache-like feeling in the listener’s chest.

When I first heard his second single “How Could You Babe”, I was hit with a flurry of emotions, as if I were the one who had lost a lover to another. The track, “Without You,” features Danielle Haim (from band, Haim) on the drums. One of my favorites is the simple, “Can’t Stop Thinking About You,” that has him thinking about an ex that he wonders whether or not he should reach out to or not and features a lovely piano melody.

His ability to make the listener feel these emotions so deeply with his voice and lyrics just shows that he is a force to be reckoned with and it is clear that Adele is one of his inspirations and with her return to the music scene I see that as nothing short of a positive for him. I am excited to hear more of what he has to offer and will be on the lookout for when he teams up with other artists.

Keep an eye on Tobias Jesso Jr.

Tobias Jesso Jr. has released four singles: “Hollywood” (2014), “How Could You Babe” (2015), “Without You” (2015), and “True Love” (2015). His debut album, “Goon,” was released in 2015 and streams on Spotify.

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