The Atom Age: an Interview

by Isabel Ewan

The Atom Age is a mix of r&b, 60s punk, with a spoonful of energy that can blow your mind. With a name that elicits imagery of America’s nuclear dream, the band has used unique sound with influences from The Sonics and Fugazi to consistently deliver a crazy good time.

At Yucca Tap Room in Tempe, I sat down with Ryan, the vocalist and guitarist, who has been with the band since their creation in 2009. Hitting the ground running the band has been touring since day one, capitalizing on their incredible live performances. With the recent addition of the organ The Atom Age has stepped up their game with the release of “Hot Shame”.

The band is finishing up their American tour for their recently released album “Hot Shame” on Halloween. They have been touring every day for the past month, and will take a short break before heading across the pond for a European tour. Six guys, a van, and a trailer have made their way across America bringing punk energy with them every where they go.

Listen below for the full interview: