PVRIS at Mesa Amphitheater


PVRIS at Mesa Amphitheater 10/22

by Deanna Romani

photos by Deanna Romani


Whether they’re playing in the tiniest of clubs or the biggest amphitheaters, PVRIS is a force most definitely to be reckoned with in the alternative music scene.

PVRIS, an alternative rock trio hailing from the small town of Lowell, MA, brought the fire out as they opened for Bring Me The Horizon and Issues at Mesa Amphitheater this past Thursday.

Surrounded by fans of numerous ages, I made my way into the venue, squeezing my way up to the front and flashing security my press pass. Fans of all ages were pushed up against the barricade, some as young as 13, and they had been waiting all day for the band’s brief set.

Hitting the stage at 6:30, a cryptic guitar chord brought the lights down and pushed more fog out of the fog machines set up on the corners of the stage. Touring drummer Justin Nace walked out onstage, urging the crowd to get louder. The crowd screamed, loud enough that you would think they were the headlining band that evening.


Lead vocalist and lead guitarist Lyndsey Gunnulfsen, more notably known by her stage name Lynn Gunn, is without a doubt one of the strongest vocalists in the post-hardcore scene today. She easily slipped between an aggressive tone (their track “Fire” had her screaming into the mic; I’m sure even the security guards had chills) to a softer one (“Holy” brought out the flashlight on a few audience members’ phones, swaying them side to side).

One of the high points during the set was the band’s track, “Fire.” The song, which is definitely a stand out song on their debut album, White Noise, had the entire crowd singing and jumping along with Gunn. Guitarist Alex Babinski and bassist Brian MacDonald did their signature side-step dance during the chorus, which had some of their fans in the front row mimicking the dance with the little room they had.


“Mirrors” served as the third song, which is my personal favorite on the album. MacDonald exchanged his bass for a synthesizer, bobbing his head along to the beat of Nace’s drum. The crowd was swaying and screaming every time Babinski mouthed the words, pointing out to some fans in the front row during the prechorus.

“Holy,” “St. Patrick,” and “My House” rounded off their set, the last two getting the crowd off of their feet and jumping in sync with the band.

“Who’s house is it?!” Gunn screamed, prefacing “My House,” to which the entire crowd screamed back “MY HOUSE!” She effortlessly scaled the barricade during the last chorus, high fiving and singing to those in the pit.

Playing six of the ten songs on their album, I was shocked to see that a decent sized chunk of the crowd dispersed after their set. Although they were the odd one out on this tour, they definitely got the crowd hyped and made some new fans along the way.


PVRIS are slated to finish up touring with Bring Me The Horizon overseas, play some shows with twenty one pilots this winter, and they’re serving as one of two supports acts for Fall Out Boy on their tour in the spring.

If you haven’t checked out PVRIS yet, I highly suggest doing so. For a band that literally burst onto the scene from nowhere, this group of 20-somethings is bound to sell out arenas in a few years time.

Set list:

  • White Noise
  • Fire
  • Mirrors
  • Holy
  • Patrick
  • My House