One Direction: “Perfect”


One Direction: “Perfect”

by Celeste Gonzalez


One Direction, the Irish-British pop-rock boy band told fans all around the world the track lists for their new album via snap chat. They then spent the week promoting their next single “Perfect” which released Friday October 16th.

“Perfect” begins with a soft beat that is overpowered by Louis’s voice that starts off the song. The beat in “Perfect” is edgy in a way that does not sound like any of the previous album’s the bad has released. As they are preparing for their album Made in the A.M. to be released next month, “Perfect” is a good song to see exactly what this album can be like.

This song has an upbeat sound that makes you want to just go out and have a spontaneous trip with the one’s you love. “Perfect” has several important messages through the lyrics written by band members Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. The overall important message is to show that all the flaws one displays are perfect to the one they love and you should accept those imperfections. The bridge of “Perfect” slows down into a soothing melody that enhances the lyrics “Baby we’re perfect” to distinguish what makes someone perfect is accepting each others flaws and hobbies. Right after the bridge it goes back into the upbeat chorus that makes fans all over the world swoon to their melody voices. As the third single to be released off of the upcoming album “Perfect” is similar to their first single from the album called “Drag Me Down”. Both have an upbeat, electric sound that make you feel as if you are in a party atmosphere.

Overall, “Perfect” is an adventurous and energetic song that displays what Made in the A.M. will sound like when released on November 13th.