MisterWives at The Crescent Ballroom


MisterWives at The Crescent Ballroom 10/13

by Jocelyn Refermat


MisterWives is an eclectic indie pop band based in New York City. You can find that out by simply Googling them. What you may not know or come to find until you have seen them live is their incredible energy on stage and genuine care for their fans and people in general.

On Tuesday, October 13th, MisterWives performed at the Crescent Ballroom with two opening acts: CRUISR and WATERS. Both openers had a very poppy upbeat sound. CRUISR would be perfect on a summer playlist with its summer and folk vibes. The majority of the songs by WATERS were rock. You may have heard of WATERS from their tours with Magic Man, Smallpools, Tegan and Sara, Cold War Kids, and most recently Matt and Kim. Both bands are worth checking out.

This MisterWives performance in Phoenix was their FIRST sold out show, and I could certainly feel the love from them. They kicked off their performance with “Best I Can Do” and I could tell from the moment lead singer Mandy Lee stepped on stage she was going to give her all that night. Her spunkiness and her band mates’ quirkiness brought the music to life. There is nothing quite like her strong speaking like voice as she sings. They kept up this energy with songs like “Oceans” and “Hurricane”.

If you haven’t been to The Crescent Ballroom before, it is a very intimate venue that allowed me to have the closest interaction with a band yet. This made it that much better when they slowed it down with the song “Coffins”. Mandy sat down on the edge of the stage to complete the effect of this solemn song. These very raw lyrics rang throughout the room.

After “Vagabond,” she stopped to talk with us about equality and treating everyone with love and care. She then surprisingly began doing push-ups while discussing the gender gap. This naturally led to the song “Not Your Way,” which may have given a new perspective of the song to listeners. This is one of my favorite songs because of how empowering it is to the listener and the passion you can see as each of the band members performed it.

A song that I think is often overlooked is “Queens” and it surprised me how attached Mandy explained she was to it. It represents many of the struggles she has faced and in that way definitely left an impression on me.

I was thrilled when they performed covers just as good as the original with their unique sound. One of these songs, “Can’t Feel My Face” (The Weeknd), I’ve also heard performed by Nick Jonas. In both concerts, this song created even more energy on stage than before. When this led to “P.Y.T” (MJ) I was nothing but impressed with how Mandy tackled such a beloved song.

They then intended to play their last 2 songs, one being their most well-known song “Reflections” and their album cover song “Our Own House”. As they performed their seemingly last song, Mandy and Etienne Bowler each broke out into a drum solo. Talk about talented.

As you would have guessed, we all wanted more. They left the stage appearing content with their performance. After what seemed an eternity and a lot of cheering, they came out to their adoring audience with another classic. “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” (the glorious Whitney Houston) was performed as a wonderfully impromptu dance party! It included Mandy bringing up a fan from the audience to dance with her, incredible solos and duets between Mike Murphy on saxophone and Jesse Blum on trumpet, and a coordinated dance between Mike Murphy and William Hehir. This made the concert all the more enjoyable and personalized. The concert ended on a high note with “Imagination Infatuation”.

Other than their perfect song set and captivating enthusiasm on stage, there is one thing I will not forget. Several times during songs, I saw how each member lit up with joy and looked at each other in amazement as the audience sang along to their songs and cheered them on. The sincerity in Mandy’s encouraging words and each members’ authentic excitement only reinforced my love for the band. I was reminded that the people who write and perform wonderful music can be as genuine and beautiful as the songs they have created.

This talented band will continue their Scrapbook tour in California, Utah, New York, and many more states throughout the next few months. Look out for this fantastic group of individuals, I know I certainly will.