The 1975: “Love Me”


The 1975

“Love Me”

by Jess Swarner


The 1975, the Manchester alt pop band that has been surprising everyone with their quick ascent to fame, released new single “Love Me” this Friday.

“Love Me” starts off with a quirky riff and some UFO-like synth. It surprised me right away with its happy, upbeat attitude. The 1975 has a reputation for being very cool and slick, similar to that of the Arctic Monkeys, and their mysterious and artistic Instagram posts leading up to this had me expecting something more similar to their doing-drugs-without-a-care anthem “Chocolate.” They even disappeared completely from social media in May, which confused and scared a lot of fans, until they returned the next evening with a new logo.

This single has a huge 80s flare to it (what alt pop music doesn’t anymore…?) and feels more party-worthy than anything off of their 2014 self-titled album. On their first album, Matt Healy seems like a trend-setter creating this music and then casually dropping it down to the eager crowd, whereas with “Love Me,” it sounds like he’s singing it while dancing along with the crowd, even though it’s about his band’s increasing popularity.

All in all, “Love Me” is an exciting single, and bodes well for the next release.