Zac Brown Band: “Jekyll + Hyde”


Zac Brown Band

Jekyll + Hyde

[Southern Ground, 2015]

by Torrence Dunham


The widely successful Zac Brown Band released their new album on April 28th, 2015. A country band that was more known for their grass-roots style of music strayed from that title in their latest album, Jekyll + Hyde. The various songs on this album could be found on a pop station, an adult contemporary station or a country station.

This album shows the growth of the band and their ability to dabble into different genres of music. I believe this album is their best based on the diversity and how the music can take people from pop to rock to something from the 80s to jazz and then back to their country roots. Below are my top five songs found on the album.


#5-Loving You Easy- The first is a slower song with a nice beat. The song has a peaceful easy feeling to it. This song could easily be on an adult alternative station and succeed. It’s short but sweet.

#4-Castaway- The Zac Brown band has this skill to be able to transport listeners to the beach on a beautiful sunny day in their songs. You can add another to your Zac Brown Band Beach playlist, which includes the band’s previous songs “Toes” and “Knee Deep”. When the song concludes, you snap back to reality; unless you are at the beach! If you are, lucky you!

#3-Heavy In The Head- Can the Zac Brown Band rock out hard? Yea, they can and they do it well! “Heavy In The Head” is four minutes of pure rock and roll with an electric guitar and drums. What happens when a grass-routes country group decides to rock out; amazing things happen. This will definitely be a showstopper at the concert if they decide to pull it out.

#2-Homegrown- The band released this song as a single and it peaked at #2 on the Billboard Country charts. The song remains at #4 on that list as the full album is released. This song is predominantly country and more of what we would expect from the band. It’s got great lyrics and will have you singing along to the refrain in no time.

#1- Mango Tree- Finally, the most surprising song of the entire album. When I first heard this song I could not believe this came from the Zac Brown Band. I honestly thought it was Michael Buble! The song sounds like classic Sinatra with a big band that transports you to a theatre or a party from the 40’s. Additionally, the song includes a beautiful solo by Sara Bareillies. The song is a perfect tune to put in the middle of the album.


So let’s review. The Zac Brown Band can rock, sing pop-country, blue-grass country, jazz hits and adult alternative. The band is one of my favorite bands across all platforms and I could not give their album, Jekyll + Hyde, a higher praise. Listen to this album! You will not be disappointed.