The Weepies: “Sirens”


The Weepies


by Lauren Marshall


The Weepies have released a truly magical experience with their new album Sirens. The music is an easy listen, but something new also emerges with each listen.

Couple Deb Talan and Steve Tannen made this album while Talan battled cancer. Because the couple had to record around Talan’s treatment, the attention to detail and effort put into each track comes through on every song. The duo brought on many collaborators to help record the album, and it truly comes across as a piece of art lovingly crafted by a group of artists.

The music ranges from folk to acoustic-pop that all manages to be expressive and exploring. Strong melodies carry the minimalistic folk music. There are many topics explored on the album that encompasses a wide array of emotions, but the album is never dragged down by negativity. Talan and Tannen seem to be acknowledging that times are not always easy or happy, but they are still a part of their experiences.

Talan and Tannen’s artistry is even more solidified with this album. Listeners have a solid work that immediately feels comfortable and they can keep coming back to.

Check out the title track here: