The Top 10 Twenty One Pilots Songs

The Top 10 Twenty One Pilots Songs
by Atlan Hassard
10. Covers: “Can’t Help Falling in Love”, “Mad World,” “Summertime Sadness” – Kickstarting our list are the covers twenty one pilots are famous for. Ranked at the bottom because these aren’t technically T.O.P. originals but still on this list because they’ve become so identifiable with them. I listed what I believe are the top 3.
9. Truce: The outro song of their debut album, Vessel, it earns its spot on this list for allowing us entry to the darker side of twenty one pilots.
8. Tear in My Heart: One of their brand new songs and a personal favorite, it earns a spot simply for being so darn catchy. It’s also one of the bands first “love” songs.
7. Forrest: An older song that takes us back to the band’s Ohio roots, it’s a tune only true fans know when played live (you’ll know because they’ll be screaming their hears out).
6. Migraine: A fan-favorite that definitely plays more on the artist’s rapping side, it also earns its spot because of its relatable message.
Top 5!
5. Trees: Almost if not always the outro at concerts, it somehow manages to be somber and upbeat simultaneously. Also known for being the song where the band plays drums on top of the crowd.
4. House of Gold: This number represents the ukulele side of top and is one of the first singles to gain large recognition. Tyler wrote this sweet, cheery melody as a tribute to his mother.
3. Car Radio: Another fan-favorite and based on a true story, it’s the song that got them out there when performed at the MTV Movie Awards. Car Radio definitely reveals Tyler’s more emotional and darker side.
2. Ode to Sleep: Perhaps the best live song due to the costumes and theatrics and also one of the duo’s most unique offerings. Ode to Sleep offers tempo changes in the form of rapping, heavy synthesizer, and an upbeat chorus.
Honorable Mentions: The Run and Go, Addict with a Pen, Guns for Hands
Number 1!
1. Holding Onto You: The song that brought them out of their hometown, singer Tyler Joseph has gone on record saying it “best represents who they are.” If you’re a true fan, it might’ve been the first song you heard by them.